Texas Health Exchange


Texas Health Exchange

These represent the set of day-to-day activities required to fulfill the vision of a multi-role Texas Health Exchange contribution.

The firm’s definitions of HR roles and of the activities related to those roles give HP’s human resources professionals a clear sense of purpose and a clear definition of what and how they add value to the Texas Health Exchange firm. By focusing on all four roles, HP practice legitimizes all HR professionals, not just those working on the upper-cell strategic activities. The accountabilities assigned for each role focus attention on the responsibility of line managers to become actively engaged in Texas Health Exchange work.

The framework and concepts help HP human resources employees to know their expected outcomes, their responsibilities, their duties, and the images they should project within the organization. The sum of these efforts constitutes a professional role statement for the Texas Health Exchange function at Hewlett-Packard.

Case Study: Application of the Multiple-Role Model at Clorox

Clorox senior line executives have been working at weaving their people strategy into their business strategy. Each of the three proposed strategies for Clorox’s corporate success—customer interface, work simplification, and people strategy—serve different constituents—customers, investors, and employees, respectively—and have critical success factors that relate directly to HR issues. As the vice president of human resources, Janet Brady worked to identify the roles that would allow Clorox HR professionals to help accomplish Texas Health Exchange goals. Brady articulated specific actions for Clorox HR professionals in each of the four roles.

HR professionals at Clorox succeed as strategic partners when they fulfill the following criteria.

  • Act as an integral part of the business team.
  • Speak for Clorox’s needs when part of any team revising existing or developing new HR programs.
  • Engage a business team in systematic organizational audits that result in establishing clear priorities.
  • Provide HR resources to the business.
  • Possess a complete up-to-date understanding of Clorox’s business and the implications for HR stemming from prevailing business conditions.
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