Small Business Group Health Insurance Texas

Medical/Surgical.  This part of a traditional health plan covers the expensive costs of icare other than the bill from the hospital.  Services such as doctor visits, treatment charges, etc., are covered here.  Medical/surgical usually has a deductible and requires copayments by the insured, typically 20% of the doctor’s fee.

Catastrophic or major medical for Small Business Group Health Insurance Texas, are usually lifetime maximum payments that hospitalization and medical/surgical plans will pay, after which the well runs dry.  Unfortunately, these maximums may not be sufficient to pay for all the care required if a major illness or injury should strike, since such afflictions can eat up hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars worth of health services.  Thus, catastrophic coverage adds to you umbrella of protection in an amount sufficient to protect you from the horrendous expenses of such serious and prolonged illness.  Small Business Group Health Insurance Texas policies also fill in some of the gaps not covered by hospitalization or medical/surgical.

Individual Polices

If you are not in a group, you can usually purchase insurance either directly from an insurance provider or through agents and brokers (see page 16). The unfortunate part of purchasing individual or family policies is that they are extremely expensive. Worse, an applicant with any significant health problem may not be able to obtain coverage, or may so many exclusions in the policy that it resembles Swiss cheese, say Small Business Group Health Insurance Texas.


Small Business Group Health Insurance Texas

A Small Business Group Health Insurance Texas policy sold to an organization of people who share a common interest. This organization may be a corporation, union, trade association, club, religious society, or any other identifiable collection of people an insurance company is willing to recognize as a “group.”

Benefits. Because the group has power in numbers, it can usually get insurance coverage for less cost per individual and/or family than would be obtainable if the insurance shoppers were buying on their own.

In addition to reduced premiums, there are other health insurance benefits to joining a Small Business Group Health Insurance Texas. These include the following.

Preexisting conditions are likely to be covered. As we will discuss in more detail, many health insurance policies will exclude identified medical conditions that existed prior to the health insurance going into effect. These are called preexisting conditions. Many people who have had the misfortune to experience serious illness find that exclusions for preexisting conditions on Small Business Group Health Insurance Texas often keep them from reaching the promised land of health insurance coverage.

Often, the only way around this difficulty is to somehow join a group that is large enough to have negotiated a concession from the insurance carrier whereby the company gives up the right to exclude such preexisting conditions on Small Business Group Health Insurance Texas. This concession is often the difference between obtaining coverage or risking health and prosperity as a member of the unfortunate uninsured.

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