North Richland Hills small business employee handbook

North Richland Hills small business employee handbook


 North Richland Hills small business employee hand  

Tenant improvements

Sometimes tenants improve their landlord’s property in order to make the living space more enjoyable. If the improvements are considered “fixtures”—for example, if the tenant installs new kitchen cabinets—the property becomes the landlord’s when the tenant moves out.

Many tenants realize that the improvements they make to their homes will ultimately become the property of the  North Richland Hills small business employee hand . However, they may not realize that these new and valuable improvements may not be covered under the landlord’s insurance policy and would thus not be replace should they be damaged or destroyed by a loss covered by the landlord’s policy. In this case, the tenant’s  North Richland Hills small business employee hand  will cover the improvements if:

  • The improvement was paid for by the insured tenant, and
  • It was used exclusively by that tenant.

Consumer Alert:

While improvements and additions can be covered in an  North Richland Hills small business employee hand , the extent of coverage is very thin—10 percent of the amount taken out to protect personal property. Thus, if the improvements that you have made as a tenant are substantial, think seriously about purchasing extra protection with a building additions and alterations endorsement to the basic policy.

Additional Living Expenses

Your  North Richland Hills small business employee hand  will also pay for any increase in living expenses made necessary when your residence cannot be occupied because of damage caused by the usual listed perils. (Read your policy for the specifics.)

Mobile Home Insurance

People who live in mobile homes are kind of a cross between the traditional homeowner and the renter. Like a tenant, the mobile homeowner usually doesn’t own the land upon which his or her mobile home sits. However, like the owner of a house, the owner of an  North Richland Hills small business employee hand  does own his or her physical abode.

The Mobile Home Itself

Like a house, a mobile home has value. Your mobile home insurance should have liability amounts sufficient to fully replace or repair the home should it be damaged or destroyed. The cost of this coverage may be greater than the traditional homeowner’s policy since the mobile homes are more easily damaged by the elements than a house is. (Remember the tale of the three little pigs? Well, there were actually four. One owned a mobile home.)

Other Standard Coverage’s

Your basic protections regarding personal property, loss of use, liability, and such ar4e the same for mobile home owners as for the owners of a single-family residences (see  s 225-235).


…Continued in  North Richland Hills small business group health insurance

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