Medical Insurance Dallas

Most policies with Medical Insurance Dallas, do not pay from dollar one but require you to pay certain amount before benefits kick in. This amount is called deductible.  Deductibles usually are set at approximately $1000 per person, although they can be much higher. For example, some people with pre-existing conditions can obtain policies with deductibles of tens of thousands of dollars.  Most policy deductibles are for a calendar year, but some policies have deductibles per malady.  If you have a choice and can afford a deductible per calendar year, go for it since having to pay a deductible every time you have a health problem could get very expensive.


Medical Insurance Dallas



Why do you wish to leave your current position?


Why does this advertised position appeal to you?


In summary, tell me anything else that will help me understand you and your achievement.


Questions, Comments, and Conversations to Avoid during Interviews


Avoid subjects that can be dangerous within the context of antidiscrimination laws says Medical Insurance Dallas.  For example, questions or even conversations regarding a person’s age, race, color, sex, marital status, religion, and national origin can set the stage for an employment discrimination lawsuit.  Questions about where a person is originally from or what foreign languages a person speaks (unless required by the job) could lead to a charge of national origin discrimination.


Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), it is illegal to ask an applicant if he or she has any disabilities from not having Medical Insurance Dallas.  However, you can ask if the candidate can do the job as explained with or without some sort of reasonable accommodation.  For example, “This job requires lifting 40 pounds occasionally and standing on your feet for eight hours.  Would this pose an problems for you?”


Avoid questions about prior workers’ compensation claims or hospitalizations because they may be construed as attempts to discover disabilities.  Note:  It is not illegal for the applicant to voluntarily disclose disabilities or get Medical Insurance Dallas.

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