Galveston temporary health insurance quote


Galveston temporary health insurance quote

Crime insurance

There are limits to what the government can do about crimes. But there is something you can do, and that is to purchase federal crime insurance to protect your valuables. The federal crime insurance programs is a federally funded project in which robbery and burglary coverage is sold directly by the government. The purpose of the program is to make crime insurance available in areas where it is not otherwise easily obtained. Such insurance can come in handy, too. According to the FBI, in 1988, $343 million was lost to robbery. And burglary? Hold on to your Galveston temporary health insurance quote – $3.4 billion worth of money and property was taken by burglars.

Coverage is guaranteed to applicants in eligible states who meet minimum protective device requirements, regardless of where in the states they live. The eligible states and territories are: Alabama, California, Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and the Virgin Islands.

Crime Galveston temporary health insurance quote is sold in both commercial policies and residential coverage’s. The maximum coverage on residences is $10,000; for commercial protection, $15,000.

Losses from both burglary and robbery are protected against. Burglary is a crime of stealing property by means of feloniously entering the premises in order to commit the crime. Robbery is theft using the means of violence or threat of violence.

If you need to buy crime insurance from the government, you can at least take heart in the fact that it is relatively affordable. A thousand dollars of Galveston temporary health insurance quote coverage costs $32 per year. If you take advantage of a 5 percent discount for burglar alarms, the cost is $30. Ten thousand dollars’ worth of coverage cost $126 without the burglar alarm discount and $120 with it.

If you would like more information on federal crime insurance, telephone the following tool-free number: (800) 638-8780.

The FAIR Plan

Just as some automobile owners must rely on assigned-risk Galveston temporary health insurance quote programs in order to find auto insurance, some property owner’s must turn to the FAIR plan in order to find insurance protection.

FAIR stands for Fair access to Insurance Requirements. Its purpose is to make sure that high-risk properties have access to insurance. If you live near ocean, subject to damage by wind or tide, or if you live in an inner city where crimes such as arson are big Galveston temporary health insurance quote, the only protection you may be able to obtain may be through this program.


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